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Together, even when apart
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an app for mothers and daughters Bridging the bonds between generations and transforming the way we connect


Stay connected through a more dynamic exchange of communication.


A simple way to streamline all your social media updates.


Upload directly from your camera roll to share memories in the moment.


Maintain ongoing conversations with special message features.


Consolidate everything, from articles to recipes, into a well organized space.


Control your privacy with settings that are simple and easy to use.



technology to bring mothers and daughters together rather than apart.



all channels of communication into a single private platform.

Making a Difference


online in order to strengthen the relationship offline.

Mumsy is now available to the public! Pair with your family, share with your friends.
We are still operating in “beta,” which means we’re working to get the technical side of things caught up with our creative vision.

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Michelle Nemirovsky


IN THREE WORDS I AM adventurous, passionate and optimistic.
WHEN I WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD I created magnets with my cousin, which we cut out of clay and decorated. We went door to door selling them and though our little business didn't last long, I’ve always wanted to start my own company creating a product to share with my community.
LEADERSHIP TO ME IS an opportunity to inspire the greatest potential in the people around me.
MY MOM INSPIRES ME because she loves to learn! She is always taking online classes or reading books on all kinds of subjects. She inspires me to want to learn and to keep teaching myself new things.

Amy Frost


IN THREE WORDS I AM passionate, creative and competitive.
MY PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY IS creative minds are rarely tidy.
IF I COULD GO BACK IN TIME I’d choose the Victorian era because those outfits were amazing, and showering daily wasn’t required.
MY MOM INSPIRES ME because she always puts others before herself. She is encouraging, loving, and selfless. She's also a creative spirit; she's willing to take creative risks, learn new artistic techniques, and explore design in all facets.

Stef Etow


IN THREE WORDS I AM creative, introspective and observant.
ONE OF MY FAVORITE QUOTES IS “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Words of quirky wisdom from the one and only Albert Einstein.
COMMUNITY TO ME starts with open arms, open eyes, and an open mind. It’s the carrier of inspiration and the caregiver of innovation, and it’s the spark that ignites positive change in our world.
MY MOM INSPIRES ME because she loves her family unconditionally and volunteers her time selflessly. She has a healer’s touch and a counselor’s insight, and she is the one person in the world whose word is genuine gold.

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